Why Join?

By joining Kappa Delta Pi, you will be joining a community of more than 45,000 members strong! In addition to the 600 chapters in the U.S., Kappa Delta Pi continues to grow internationally. KDP members make up the top 20% of educators in the country.  You would also be in good company, as some former members include Albert Einstein, George Washington Culver, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Margaret Mead, and about 1,200,000 other educators who have been a part of the society.

As a member of Kappa Delta Pi you would have first hand benefits to: 

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Service learning experiences

And the opportunity to:

  • Expand your professional knowledge
  • Engage in personal growth
  • Meet other education majors
  • Build your resume
  • Listen to professionals speak on valuable topics
  • Prepare for interviewing situations
  • Network with professionals
  • Earn Awards and Recognition, including:
    • Honor Cords for graduation
    • Scholarships


If you are interested in joining Kappa Delta Pi or are interested in more information on our organization, please contact us at kdp.truman@gmail.com and someone will promptly be in touch.